Saturday, May 8, 2010

A New Outlet

I have recently been accepted as a freelance writer for, a national news website that caters to all sorts of special interests with a local focus. I will be writing for the Boston outlet as a Film Examiner, which ultimately means maintaining a firm grasp on all things cinematic occurring in Boston, Massachusetts, whether they be festivals, rare releases at local art house theaters, or bigger multiplex offerings. (If you check out my page so far though, you'll see that I have been largely neglecting the latter, which I guess comes as no surprise.) Several of my essays here will be cross-posted on Examiner in abbreviated versions assuming they were films I saw on screen in Boston, and anything else will be previews of what's up and coming. If you live in the city, I hope this can be a beneficial tool, and if not, feel free to take a peek at the articles anyway, because compensation is based wholly on readership and page views. (I have added a button on the sidebar for quick access to my page if you're interested.) Of course, this blog will remain my most prized center for writing, but Examiner may prove a nice supplemental project with a slightly different tone.


Stephen said...

Congratulations, Carson.

I wish you all the best there and here.

Carson Lund said...

Thanks, Stephen.