Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Listmaking Blogathon

After reading my recent Vertigo essay - which resulted in a comment board casually ranking the best Hitchcock films - Loren Rosson III, a blogger friend and ex-co-worker of mine, was inspired to initiate a meme over at his blog The Busybody. The idea is that he will publish ordered lists of his favorite films by his 10 favorite directors once a month. Having already kicked it off with Hitchcock for July, his site has also plotted out the plan for the next 10 months, and he is encouraging other bloggers to join in on the fun by posting their own lists and commenting on others. It's a simple exercise that could yield vibrant discussion of some great filmmakers. I'll be following his lead and posting a list every month as well, and I urge you to do the same. As he says, these will be very personal lists not following any established canons, and I'm sure they'll change radically for me down the line, but it's nonetheless an interesting way to take stock in my cinematic taste at this point in life. Here's my plan for the next six months (the four after that have not yet been determined), intersecting with Loren's when possible:

August: David Lynch. The Full 11, plus shorts and oddities. (Déjà vu?)

September: Ingmar Bergman. The Top 14, for now.

October: Stanley Kubrick. The Top 10.

November: Andrei Tarkovsky. The Full 7.

December: Bela Tarr. The Full 10.

January: TBD

February: TBD

March: TBD

April: TBD

May: TBD


Jake Cole said...

I think I'll do this too. I already have a bunch of lists that keep track of how I rank my favorite filmmakers' work. I don't know that I'll do my top 12 directors, but I will do a bunch of my favorites.

Kevin J. Olson said...

Saw this via Jake's site. This sounds like fun. Count me in. Looking forward to everyone's lists.

Carson Lund said...

Thanks guys! I look forward to it.

Jake, you're right that picking a definitive 10 or 12 is kinda impossible. I'm pretty much writing about the directors I love who I've managed to see the most of.