Sunday, October 14, 2012

New World(s)

“But how can renewal come about?—the perennial question of reformers and revolutionaries, of anyone who wants to start over, who wants another chance. Even in America, the land of the second chance, and of transcendentalist redeemers, the paradox inevitably arises: you cannot change the world (for example, a state of marriage) until the people in it change, and the people cannot change until the world changes.”
-Stanley Cavell, "Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage"

From The New World (Malick/2005).


Stephen said...


I just watched the trailer to I Fell Silent and I was impressed. Good luck with it.

Is it OK to watch your previous films on the "OmnesProductions" channel on Vimeo? I don't want to rob you of anything(!)

Carson Lund said...

Thanks for watching it Stephen! I'm hoping to promote it in the blog community when it's completed.

As far as my previous films go, only a couple of them on are on the Omnes channel. The first is Wind Through the Cradle, which I co-directed with my friend Michael Basta in 2010 (feels so long ago now), and the second is Bardo, which I co-wrote and did cinematography for. I would, however, encourage you to watch the other films on that channel, as they're all by good friends of mine.

My most recent short film, Distraction of the Chickens, is available on my own Vimeo channel, and some other collaborations I'm proud of are on Michael's channel (specifically the first two).

Hope that's not too confusing!

Stephen said...

Thanks. No, it's not too confusing (only a little!). I'll check them out when I have time.