Monday, October 12, 2009

Announcement: The Train Has Come to a Standstill

Those of you who follow this blog may very well have noticed how unproductive I've been as of late. I regret to have to come to a point where I have significantly less time to actually see films and writing feels more like an obligation than a matter of enjoyment. Unfortunately though, I have been extremely busy with college life and have had trouble getting to my blog writing. I wanted to make an announcement of this fact not as an excuse for my lack of output but as a way of acknowledging publicly that I will not be maintaining the same schedule of film reviewing. I want to make it clear though that I do intend to keep this blog alive and running for as long as possible, and I will also be posting from time to time without a doubt. I'm predicting that my turnout for each month will be cut by approximately half. I greatly appreciate all the readers I have had and want to make sure I can keep them, but for now, Are the Hills Going to March Off? will be slowly chugging along. Thank you to everyone who has followed for its year-and-a-half lifespan thus far!

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